Negative Thoughts

Negative thoughts , oh negative thoughts
they’re grinding me , blinding me
distorting my reality

Giving up ain’t always a conscious decision
and when the solution’s
more painful then the situation
-its easy to run
When the truth of yourself is known to no one

When getting up is a chore and filled with dread
Sweating your mouth dry and clutching the bed
Make it all disappear ,
Fake it all ’til your clear
Exorcise all your demons
before dealing with your fellow humans
How many masks must we wear
to get through the day ?
Its why the lonely seek solitude
and run away

You know your low when your comfort zone
has shrunk to points unknown
When every day happenings fall outside its scope
When all that your feeling is some negative trope

When you got old without growing up;
you chased the dream , but had to give up
And you don’t have the tools to make the transition
and you find yourself constantly wishing
you can go back without this depression
you’ve paid enough for this lesson

Negative thoughts , oh negative thougts
They’re grinding me , blinding me
Distorting my reality

A happy grunge song by Kevin Beary



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