Harry C. Barnes Memorial Nature Center – Bristol CT

7/11/12 – Shrub Rd – Bristol Ct 2 mile loop – (Its 1 1/2 mile loop) but  I did 1/2 mile of the blue tunxis trail that shoots off  it , which looked like a prehistoric wilderness. This hike/walk started off with a groundhog running into tall grass at my approach.  Too quick for my camera.


But the walk was nice …little more than an hour coz I took my time and did some side trails – The loop is Red —> white —> white/green – to white and back (return in fall to do overgrown , wet and skeeter ridden blue tunxis trail.  Totally cool trail …future tense )







At one point I hear twigs breaking , too loud to be a squirrel.  I think its another hiker.  Then , all of a sudden a deer bounds onto my path , 50 yds from me.  He stands frozen , head turned and staring at me.  I freeze too , except for my hand slowly readying my camera for a picture … .Ughhh … He bounds off , over the rivulet and into the woods.  I get his ass end… maybe.  It looked like sunlight through the trees when I studied the picture later.  So I’m not posting it.  I don’t want to look like a liar.

But I did catch pics of some wildlife.






I found more right after I trekked a 1/4 mile into the blue tunxis trail.  This was the totally overgrown , prehistoric fern and marsh trail.  I was listening for more animals but could only hear the dive bombing of mosquitoes.  As I turn back to continue the loop , I am startled by this.







Barnes Link – http://www.walkct.org/walks/walkdetail.php?id=OrwOwc56fc

I drove past Shade Swamp  trails – a blue one and further down the road white one – with parking for a few cars – See PDF WalkingTrailsDescription – Gonna hit this sometime – possibly in the fall too – Swamp = Skeeters



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