The Attitude of Gratitude

Sometimes gratitude has an attitude.
It doesn’t appreciate attempts to ameliorate
the circumstances of happenstance,
that landed us here , abandoned us near
to happiness ; but closer to the uneasiness
that invades our thoughts : makes us distraught,
and blinds recognition of our fortunate situation.
So instead we dwell , lost in the trivial.
And we know it’s wrong, but we tend to prolong
the negative perceptions – affecting reflection.

It takes devotion to invoke positive emotion;
To feel contentment instead of resentment
and avoid reluctance to reach acceptance
of our conditions, instead of wishing
for other fortunes , or another’s portion
of life’s blessings – because of poorly accessing
the wondrous abundance already in possession.
Don’t take for granted your great advantage
of knowing these truths , as I’ve stressed them to you;
To actively improve, the attitude of gratitude.

By Kevin Beary



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