This poem is about you

I don’t show it anymore
coz I forgot how to
But if you weren’t really sure
I do love you

The rawness and the realness
of my feelings are true
the intensity of which
would really surprise you

I maybe be damaged and all , but that has sharpened my awareness
That love is most important of all , and I no longer am careless
and this heart that’s been ravaged, loves stronger and more savage
I feel it in my core , and I love fiercer for it all the more

For so long now , I’ve been in a cocoon
A prison I’ve built , I hide in this womb
and though it gets lonely, I don’t bear it alone
because my thoughts are with all of you
and this you should have known

Forgive my inability and clumsiness of expression
The poor delivery , really doesn’t lessen
the caring,
that doesn’t show itself in every day dealings
but when I’m alone with my thoughts of you
my heart overflows with such feelings

Our interactions in my head , I can anticipate
Our conversations and closeness , you would appreciate
I only know of one way to express this truth
and its in my mind , when I am with you

When you’re always looking for something
that you no longer have , you lose sight
of the things that you do

And if you think this poem is about you
You’re not being vain. It is…true.

By Kevin Beary



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