Vacation Plans

I’m in the process of planning my first solo vacation. I got some good ideas from facebook friends.  I decided on Costa Rica.

I had my plans adjusted for me a  bit, so my plan thus far is that next week im going to LA to meet brian gruber who is flying into the states from Baku.  We are gonna stay with my boy Brando  in LA and then shoot down to Brians friends house in  Rosarito mexico for a few days , with a stop in San Diego  prior to flying out of the states.
I will then commence my solo trip and I decided on Costa Rica. I was really tempted by belize , but have been unduly influenced by some friends that recently stayed in costa rica.  Kyle may fly in for a few days in the middle of my solo trip so that should be cool.I’m thinking that europe trip will be next year when I have a little more practice of solo travel under my belt.    I like the idea of a costa rican adventure; I know a little spanish , there are a lot of ex-pats for instant friends and plenty of lose-yourself activities , I’m looking forward to renting an ATV and exploring the land , and I want to visit the jungle.  I booked the LA part , am still putting together the Costa Rica part.
Being alone is better than wishing you were alone ; Lonely planet says , more often than not , going solo , you tend to meet more people and do more things than when going as a couple.



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