Look. She stares at the mirror , her nose and eyes all red, with the events of the evening swimming in her head.
She wipes her tears , remembering what was said:

How many more times must we fight this fight ? How many more times must you insist you’re right?
Can’t you just listen and try to relate , Instead of feeling like you should escalate ?

I’m trying to talk , to get you to listen , and all you can do is react and threaten.
My words fill up the space between us
When closer , they were… meant to bring us

Do you truly wish to push me away ? Because that’s what will happen to us one day,
and don’t you even dare
to say
you didn’t see it coming , it was there
for all to see.

There was a time when I came first
but now I feel like I am the worst
thing that happened to you, like I’m a curse
A burden you must bear , one you no longer care
to keep …
I dream at night while you sleep
as my mind wanders I often weep
dreaming of a time when I knew you were mine
And wasn’t forced to question , was privy to your intentions,
and there was an air of love that floated me above all the cares of the world, because I was your girl.

But those days are gone , those feelings lost
you never realized how much it cost
when you ground me down , when you simply shut off.
We never talked ’cause we could never talk,and now I feel like I must walk.
And when I say goodbye , you will act like
you don’t know why, but the signs were there , if you just cared
to Look.