21st Century Blues

Jenny’s in the high rise , working hard to synthesize

so you can Fly high, and learn why to sympathize

with all the past tense,  and make sense – of it all,

 Get jacked , kick back some fentanyl

Another dead kid , look what you did

 Mask up ,mask down , all just act the clown. 

Blind witnesses all around

 Another black man on the ground

Spin the news , ignite the fuse

Tik tok , You tube serenading the new school

Keep ’em all in the feud

Tiring of the new ways 

Missing all the old days 

Count up,  count back

Same answers anyways  

Don’t try to be the one. 

Get paid by staying home.

 Lie around , get down.  If you dont like it here , burn it all to the ground. 

Look out kids , ya see what we did. 

Five time losers.. leading new believers 

Don’t need a superman wearing holy sneakers

Backs scratched , plans hatched … another generation to attack.
Its just a tear-it-down song from another step in time… when everyone is wrong, you can’t change minds.