Can be ugly
and uncomfortable
The metamorphosis
can be unsightly
and unbearable
Doesn’t happen
In a straight line
But in fits and spurts
and great tangents
And change takes
many avenues
And makes
many wrong turns too
The path is slippery,
and unmarked
The accompanying misery
can tempt one
to turn back
To disembark
But like a wave
moves inexorably forward
gathering all wards
within it wake
Change is scary
But don’t you wait
Push on through
for that next step
Is the bravest thing you’ll do
This is normal
Growth is painful
It aches , it creates
Some thing new and to
some, varied and strange
But all the same
Progress is eventually made
and it starts with

Just one last Journey

I know the dreams im dreaming
are imaginary
I hold a ream of flasks from
an apothecary

Jus’ one sip and then i slowly drift away
Jus’ one blip on a screen,  don’ matter anyway

I feel the feelings of an
overhunted prey
I’ll haunt the haunted with
false memories

I’ve faked it all , faking
every day
Chasing it all , I’ve chased
It all away

Jus’ one last look , before I beg you
Look away
Because this book, has an ending
Oh so grey

Hold no more worries , you’ve worried
enough for me
Jus’ one last journey,  the journey
Of eternity