Letter :

Do you remember that time you were happy ?
I am writing to remind you what happened.
The fleeting thoughts , you thought were lost are here in this sappy and sad soliloquy I’ve fashioned

It was years ago …
when the nighttime’s spilled into day ,
when you wouldn’t know
whom next to you lay, when your manic thoughts felt like genius, before she charmed her way between us and burned it all away

Those days you were invincible though you vowed you would die young; Did you anticipate this crucible that crushed those feelings numb?

All those moments when your synapses arced on high , all those moments you would never let pass by , gone now , and your mouth has gone dry, while you wait for your next dose , and watch life pass you by.

The perspective of time muddies as much as it reveals, and wounds fester and distort rather than heal , and what you believe today was definitely swayed from when those memories were made and what rot has since been laid.

So, do you remember that time when you were happy , when that slate was still clean , when your dreams had meaning and a chance to succeed ? Before idealism was ground to a nub , from the constant reality rub ; Do you think you could get there again? I wish you would begin…

… cont’d