Found my Voice Again

It’s been so long but I found my voice again
Hear me roar , watch me soar
on the whipping winds
My minds wings
take me higher and no more dire
thoughts , can shoot me down again.

I’ve been set free, from the cage I’ve built
to imprison me and the rage I’ve felt.
There’s no longer need for this punishment
I no longer believe
my past cruel judgement and sentence served, has been deserved.

So it’s time for me to once again roar
The way I once used to , way before
I let myself beat me down
Kick me around
Cause me to live in fear, but I will fight back
I will persevere.

I’ve been looking for a savior.
Should be looking in the mirror
It’s not upon anyone else
to look after my own health
But I found my voice again
and I will roar , and I will soar
and be my own best friend.

By Kevin Beary