Lost in Lament


Its 2 in the morning and I’m dreaming of dreaming
I’m filled till I’m bursting , these words they come streaming
Thoughts only of you , From my mind they are screaming
And then the tears flow  , From my heart they are bleeding

If I had the power Id turn back  some time
And go to that moment when you were still mine
Id caress every sorrow and answer all prayers
Id take back the words that had made you so scared
Id undo the harm that caused you to question
Id unveil the mask that had hid my affections
Id look in your eyes and  steady your breathing
And tell you that I share,  all that your dreaming

I’d strengthen your back with my arms round your side
And hold you and tell you theres never reason to hide
Id talk with you quietly , while you tell me your fears
Id react only lovingly so to cause you no tears
Id carry you proudly when you need me there
and wait for you patiently  when you need some air
I’d adapt to all conflicts and fulfill all your needs
Id be all you wanted and exceed all your dreams

Its three in the morning and I’m ailing from wailing
My throat is so sore , from these feelings I’m airing
And my core is so raw , coz my armor , its failing
I’m lonely and scared , coz its me that I’m baring

I know its just fantasy , I know its all fake
I know that its over , we no longer share fates
But I’ve learned from our past , I see the mistakes
I know who I can be , and now know what it takes
I look to the future , and to new friendships there
Im ready and able to show how I care.

I do have the power , I can affect my own mind
And I will grow stronger , and better with time
I will  no longer hide , I will no longer fear
I can allow someone in , if they want to get near
I will miss you forever , theres no time that I won’t
But I’ll always remember , that its my choice to  hurt.

Its four in the morning , as I stare at the ceiling
I hope for some comfort , some respite from feeling
I am so close to numb now  , and I’m dreaming of being
a part of love again  , with someone new I’ll be seeing

I Love Spring

Perfect weather and sun for an after work Hike/Walk/Run through the Laurel Marsh Trail(3.5 miles) Manchester/East Hartford , along the hockanum river.  I noted a small area that looked like a beaver dam , and I’m thinking , nahh theres no beavers here …..sure enough 15 seconds later , I see one pop out from under water …………..Got some pics here and the video on my web  site – Pretty Neat

Happy Mothers Day !

I want to wish an intimate Happy Mothers Day to all the moms who have touched my life. To my friends who are moms ; you are all beautiful. To my friends who are expecting and/or just gave life ; you will make wonderful mothers. To the moms of my friends, whom in my youth , smiled patiently at me , despite the conspiratorial corruption I engaged in with their children.  Today, I remember you.  To All my ex’es moms, who treated me motherly despite there skepticism ; I think of you today. To the moms no longer with us , who have touched my heart, I have not forgotten you. To the grand-moms,  mine and others in my life, who guided their children to properly raise children. This day is yours. To my mom , who did her best and it turned out alright. Happy Mothers Day , MOM.
I thank you all for the thankless tasks you have endured, and for the love you have shown me , despite having no guarantees of reciprocation. You are all wonderful women and I am blessed to have had you in my life.

Happy Mothers Day.