The Down Days

This pain i feel ,like my whole world is dying
cold sweat , like my whole body is crying

My emotions are seeping through my pores
the conflictions in me are actively at war

I cant differentiate which grief is which
I cant turn it off , I can’t find the switch

I regret the regrets I foresee I’ll feel
when time moves on and changes the deal

When I tally the follies and every poor choice
While the whole world goes by and seems to rejoice

I mourn for what’s passed and what hasn’t been
Why? I don’t know , but I’ll do it again

These feelings seem to affect beyond reason
can’t follow thru with anything to completion

So here I remain , stagnant and stunted
This life I chose , I feel like I’ve punted

Is it far too late to change ?
Can I let go of my fear ?
How far from safe can i range ?
I’ll never know , Staying Here.

Bye-  Kevin Beary