Slave to the womb

What did you feel when you saw those adoring eyes
looking back at you , expectant , dependent

and then the tearful cries

It must be a state of helplessness
when you should feel joy ,

but just feel distress

It must cut deep , when you expect

contentment , but feel resentment

A slave to the womb and society

Not your choice , not really

It was just a mistake , wasn’t meant to be

it could have went so differently

Who is in trouble now ,  Is it me
no it’s you – because of me

hard to hide that hostility

Thank you for my cold heart
it protects me from pain
Thank you for my independence

I’ll do it myself again

Thank you for your disappointment
it pushes me , makes me fight
Thank you for your frustration

its provided me special insight

Where were we then , a little wander
from the road –  pulled me harder

did you wish i went farther

Was never held , no time that i can see

not one picture , not one with me

The chasm was never traversed , the side(s)

they never touched , gap was much too wide

There was a time , i believe .. a turning

maybe , was just the last gasp of yearning

it must have been a brief twist of the mind
it wasn’t truly real

the struggle wasn’t mine

How do you think i felt , when i saw your sad eyes
looking back at me , hoping that i would fight

to protect you from his lies