A Night in the Wood

The forest fresh , a sniff
The wispy breeze  , a whiff
The nights’ mistress , a glowing witness
to an eve,  in the wooden abyss

The tent lay upon the ground , hard and sound
The sleeping bag and pack , strewn around
Another night, with just the moonlight
flitting amongst the trees ,
messing with your sight

Peering in the dark , Black …. what is that, peering back !?

A reflective light ? Playing on your eyesight ?

Slowly squeeze and squint your eyes
faint and fine …. barely see the outline

Don’t move a muscle …. Shhhhhh…. Do you hear that rustle ?

Pop your ears , Ahhhhhh … now what do you hear ?

A hissssssss  , so slight you almost missed it
Slowly turn , all fear resisted
Dont move too fast , easy .. stomach queasy
Dont start nor jump , feel your heart pump

There’s something there , growwllll …. You feel your hair
stand on end , this is a nightmare

Though your minds volcanic , there is no time to panic
You must slowwww your thoughts …  This fear you fought
can erupt, and your will – corrupt

Remain steadfast , as time slows past
no sight or sound , ‘cept your temple pound

Ba dum .. Bad um .. ba Doom
Ba dum .. Bad um .. ba Doom

Snap ! Crack … its on the attack
Run ! Run .. scramble and run
Pound the ground , footfalls sound
Crash ! Smash .. thru the brush
Crunch , a bunch of leaves , crushed
Clip , Clop , don’t dare stop
Snap ! Crack.. and don’t ever look back

You should never look back
You can never look back

You will never look back.

By Kevin Beary

Hello, goodbye.

There are some times, and at times, someone
that makes you feel like you finally won
the chance at happiness
and the race is done

We are all aware that life is not fair
but one can hope we find somewhere
we can hold as home and
be safe from despair

But its not to be , between you and me
and as much as i hate to be cliché
its not because of you
but because of me

There’s no pain I know worse than no pain at all
when all is numb and you’re in free fall
to the bottom of your soul
with darkness , your wall

My shortcomings caused me to come up short
That wall I built was not enough to support
your attempt to climb
as a last resort

I hold in my head what I hold in my heart
as I over-analyze and replay the part
where I wear out my welcome
when I break us apart

I fear what I’ll feel when i feel what I fear
that crushing guilt of leaving you here
to explain to our friends
and all those who care

I await the weight of these words I say
Will it crush us ; will we still be ok
with all that’s gone on
when we lost our way ?

I told you I’d hold you close and near
to my heart and soul, for many a long year
and I am so sorry
I failed you, my dear.

By Kevin Beary

Chasing The Sun

Though you truly know me not
so these feelings i have fought
but you became my brightest light
one smile from you, sets me aflight

It began with you
I swear, it’s true
and soon you will be told
when I feel I can be bold
and tell you

So now here I come
I feel I’m chasing the sun
My love of life has just begun
I’d like to share with you

Thoughts of you,  hottest at night
burns me in my dreams
singes at my seams
this lovers blight , this lovers flight
of fancy

but when you dream by day
your eyes see clearly
not drugged by the night
sanity hath touch my heart dearly
like you

If i could, id extend the day
to get you to stay
and fill my world
as endless hours with you

My heart is in my throat
so this poem , for you I wrote
My breath you stole away
I long for just one day
with you

Tis true , it’s you , that I adore
and I will shout it evermore
For you are truly my brightest light
And I will no longer hold back, in fright

By Kevin Beary