Happy Mothers Day !

I want to wish an intimate Happy Mothers Day to all the moms who have touched my life. To my friends who are moms ; you are all beautiful. To my friends who are expecting and/or just gave life ; you will make wonderful mothers. To the moms of my friends, whom in my youth , smiled patiently at me , despite the conspiratorial corruption I engaged in with their children.  Today, I remember you.  To All my ex’es moms, who treated me motherly despite there skepticism ; I think of you today. To the moms no longer with us , who have touched my heart, I have not forgotten you. To the grand-moms,  mine and others in my life, who guided their children to properly raise children. This day is yours. To my mom , who did her best and it turned out alright. Happy Mothers Day , MOM.
I thank you all for the thankless tasks you have endured, and for the love you have shown me , despite having no guarantees of reciprocation. You are all wonderful women and I am blessed to have had you in my life.

Happy Mothers Day.

Officially Mobile

Bought myself a Christmas present yesterday , my first netbook , an ASUS.  I connected it to my home wireless network , with my home computer , PS3 and IPOD.  Remotely connect to my work computer via Remote desktop , and tethered my droid so I have internet access everywhere. I am mobile ,  high tech , connected and plugged in.  I know this is not anything unheard of for most of the world , but this is my world and I think its pretty darn cool for me.

The New Blog !

2011 , a new decade , a new site , and a new Kevin.  Unencumbered , free , independent , devoid of illusions , learned , insightful , with a fresh perspective.  Out with the old.  I intend to keep the old blog and the website but will be putting new looks and new adventures ahead of them.  This is the beginning of life # 7 of Kevin.