Take it Slow

Baby , We can take it slow
No need to rush you know
Don’t want to let you go
but I’m not ready to commit now

You know I’ve been hurt before
Don’t think I can love no more
what I need now , is a friend
til the end , and baby that’s you.

Someday maybe, your wish’ll come true &
I’ll be able to say I love you too
But now those words feel cold inside
from those words I try to hide
But if there’s a girl , and there’s very few
who could change my ways , it would be you

Please don’t take it personally
its not because of you ,but because of me
I need you girl , I cannot lie
but I just can’t be chained by your side

Didn’t try to lead you on
Didn’t want to hurt you
My feelings for you are strong
But not enough to please you

Baby we can take it slow
No need to rush , ya know
Don’t want to let you go
But I’m not ready to commit now

Just take me as I am now


The Willow in the Winds

The Willow in the Winds

I see the soul of the weeping willow , so strong , so noble
Yet a sad affectation in its sloped bearing.
Its beautiful and gentle , and vulnerable all the same.
Its roots grow out widely , so thirsty is its soul
so deep its fount
so swelled with life water that none can compare to its capacities.

I am blessed to share this unquenchable fount
Your fount, sweet love , It fills me and
my shallow pond
so desperately relies on you to fill me
with what you so naturally possess
and that which I can only acquire from you.

I don’t mean to drink so heartily from you
but you can withstand it , I know
I need you , you have saved me , I owe you all
You have such a capacity for love and to fill me with it
and you do so – nobly , so gently , selflessly.
This leaves you vulnerable , your easing of my thirst.
But your fount seems boundless.
You are of magnificence and grace , as a willows soul .

Whistling through the wood , the wind-whipped rain pelts the land
As the wind whips, the willow wails , weeping its worth upon the earth.


Kevin Beary – 2009ish 

Righteous Rant

I loathe the unscrupulous and common
Detestable is the hypocrisy of the righteous
Repugnant is the idleness of the lazy
and vile are the trespasses of the lying

I deplore the simple and close-minded
Insidious are the movements of the fanatic
Impeachable are the offenses of the selfish
and malicious are the acts of the vengeful

I respect the mind of the curious
Admirable is the restraint of the patient
Noble is the nature of the humble
and saintly are the deeds of the generous

I revere the beauty of the innocent
Exemplary are the acts of the truthful
Angelic is the behavior of the just
and wondrous are the feats of the industrious

3/2005 – Reprint from http://kasualkafe.com/poetry.htm

Can’t feel you

I walk in your room , but everything’s gone , and I can’t feel you any more –

You used to say , there was no joy but me , but I don’t hear you anymore

There was a time , I couldn’t escape , but now I search for you in vain

But its too late , you walked away , and I won’ t see you any more

And now !! I ache. my tears …can’t wash away this pain
Your fears , won’t let you come back again

So now !! You’re gone , re-gret , is all that I have left
So sad , we used to have so much more

There was a time when we were so close , but I can’t read your thoughts from here

Life can be hard , yet together /we/ were strong , and I can’t bear it on my own

But I am afraid , these memories’ll fade , and I won’t feel you anymore

I am afraid , these memories’ll fade , and I can’t feel you anymore


The drone of crickets keep me company as the waning moon sheds light upon me The calmness of night soothes my mind Sweet honey dew collects upon the yielding leaves of grass Soft thoughts and mild dreams relax my brow as the cool fog of sleep clouds my eyes drifting … floating away




………..The warm glow of sun and sweet sounds of morning stretch and soothe my relaxed muscles Cool breeze awakens my dulled senses  Blue skies and wispy clouds greet my eyes with pleasure




The unpassable river rushes below a torched and decimated bridge
I see you on the opposite bank , moonlit , your beaming face smiles.
As my shadow points your new direction , you turn and walk away.
I yell and scream,  but the sound is whisked away downstream.
Hopping and flailing impotently , I helplessly beg for your attention.
A moment of crazed frenzy convinces me to jump into the rapids…..
The searing chill swiftly cures my mania. Scared sober,
I swim for all I’m worth , my arms and legs burning
This lactic acid bath invades my brain and soothes its will
The turbulence overtakes me and im drawn away to the unknown
A dead dove floats past me , its eyes black and empty
Drifting away , my purpose lost to the side I will not reach ,
I release myself to the numbing current and the deep black.
Soundlessly, I succumb , slipping beneath the waves silently.

Reprint from old blog

Trapped Soul

Trapped Soul

The Man
In the tapestry
Lost Breath
Caught in his throat
Frozen , Timeless
A thread
it hangs ..
Longer and L o n g e r
The unraveling of a man
throughout the years
His old soul
grows cold
the thread is
upon the dusty floor
Free !!!
Kevin Beary
Reprint 4/2/09 old blog


Lost in Lament


Its 2 in the morning and I’m dreaming of dreaming
I’m filled till I’m bursting , these words they come streaming
Thoughts only of you , From my mind they are screaming
And then the tears flow  , From my heart they are bleeding

If I had the power Id turn back  some time
And go to that moment when you were still mine
Id caress every sorrow and answer all prayers
Id take back the words that had made you so scared
Id undo the harm that caused you to question
Id unveil the mask that had hid my affections
Id look in your eyes and  steady your breathing
And tell you that I share,  all that your dreaming

I’d strengthen your back with my arms round your side
And hold you and tell you theres never reason to hide
Id talk with you quietly , while you tell me your fears
Id react only lovingly so to cause you no tears
Id carry you proudly when you need me there
and wait for you patiently  when you need some air
I’d adapt to all conflicts and fulfill all your needs
Id be all you wanted and exceed all your dreams

Its three in the morning and I’m ailing from wailing
My throat is so sore , from these feelings I’m airing
And my core is so raw , coz my armor , its failing
I’m lonely and scared , coz its me that I’m baring

I know its just fantasy , I know its all fake
I know that its over , we no longer share fates
But I’ve learned from our past , I see the mistakes
I know who I can be , and now know what it takes
I look to the future , and to new friendships there
Im ready and able to show how I care.

I do have the power , I can affect my own mind
And I will grow stronger , and better with time
I will  no longer hide , I will no longer fear
I can allow someone in , if they want to get near
I will miss you forever , theres no time that I won’t
But I’ll always remember , that its my choice to  hurt.

Its four in the morning , as I stare at the ceiling
I hope for some comfort , some respite from feeling
I am so close to numb now  , and I’m dreaming of being
a part of love again  , with someone new I’ll be seeing

Dramatically Grammatical

Tis not , a flight of fancy , not unknown
A grammatical sin
of cliche , uttered doubly wrong.

As it is wrong to ever split an infinitive
one can see the impending conundrum
Because no sentence fragments.
and Don`t no negatives gravitate
towards prepositions that end their sentences with.

Damn ! All explanation points !!!
and non-stop continuous redundancies , ever frustrate
most minds of men , made alliterate

As this tragedy befalls ,not the happy man
yet upon a fallible but virtuous soul
where happiness is wrest from his hold,
or rather…. sadness , brought upon his own.

KB 3/16/05 – reprinted from http://www.kasualkafe.com/poetry.htm


The alarm sounds.  Incessantly and Insistently.
The emergency of life

Why even wake? Again and Again
A pointless exercise.

“Sometimes I feel…” – Afflicts us All
The human condition

My minds tide , Rises and Falls
It washes you away.

My moods affect those who are around me; I affect the moods of you who intercept me.
I must control that which needs controlling; So obvious, it needs no extolling.
Grasp this smelly beast by its horns and wrench;Release all that’s rank,rid yourself this stench
Then you will find the happiness you seek; So obvious , demands no great technique.

3 words x2 similar
6 syllables definition
Conclusion –  a a b b Pentameter
Repetition of words / themes / alliteration

My First Sonnet – First Draft

To Love so deeply, still , despite the end
To think that love once hesitant has grown
In strength and breadth , my broken heart has mend
What I feel I have lost was naught mine own

Your parting dimmed my day, the shadows stay
Upon your shore my waste is washed again
and cleansed unstained by your pure heart today
I come to you anew , your love , your friend

To walk along the waters edge with you
our hands enclasped we stroll lifes path entwined
my dream , is that only this wish was true
Without your hand I walk completely blind

I know this dream is just a dream of mine
I hope the paths we walk one day align